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Alternative fuel cylinders

Luxfer Gas Cylinders, an operating unit of Luxfer Group (NYSE:LXFR), is the world’s largest manufacturer of high-pressure composite cylinders. More than four million full-wrapped Luxfer composite cylinders have an exemplary record of safety and dependable performance in a variety of demanding applications worldwide.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders is also a leading global supplier of lightweight, high-pressure composite cylinders for storage and transportation of compressed natural gas (CNG), a clean-burning, environmentally friendly alternative fuel (AF). Luxfer AF cylinders are also used for storage of bio-methane, hydrogen and other industrial bulk gases.

Luxfer’s AF product range includes:

  • - G-Stor™ AF carbon composite cylinders for CNG-powered vehicles. Luxfer is the only major cylinder manufacturer that offers both Type 3 aluminum-lined cylinders (our G-Stor™ Pro line) and Type 4 polymer-lined cylinders (our G-Stor™ Go line).
  • - Bulk gas transport modules from Luxfer-GTM Technologies.
  • - Dynecell™ cylinders for high-pressure hydrogen, as well as proprietary high-pressure valves rated up to 700 bar (10,153 psi).
  • - Luxfer accessories, including all necessary valves, pressure-relief devices (PRDs) and -ylinder-mounting hardware.

Because Luxfer Type 3 AF cylinders are 66% lighter than Type 1 steel cylinders and up to 20% lighter than other Type 3 cylinders, they offer greatly improved fuel economy, increased range and a significant reduction in vehicle maintenance costs because they lessen wear and tear on brakes, tires and suspension systems. In haulage businesses, reduced vehicle weight also permits higher payloads. Since lightweight composite cylinders can be manufactured in much larger diameters than would be practical with much heavier all-metal cylinders, fewer composite cylinders are required to contain the same volume of gas.

Bulk gas transport (BGT) systems

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G-Stor™ Pro for natural gas vehicles

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Natural gas vehicle systems with G-Stor™ technology

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